Magic Camp day 5: The last day!

We had a really fun last day of camp!

The first grade students had a fun treasure hunt, and the second grade students played a game of table quidditch. We also made Butterbeer, finished watching Hocus Pocus and had our closing ceremony. It was a great week!

The last day for the first grade students!
Gi Eun, the seceond grade winnder of a witch’s hat and two gift vouchers!
Treasure hunt

Magic camp day 4: Magical lanterns!

Today we did some fun activities, and we also made some beautiful lanterns! We drew designs on self-laminating paper and placed them inside our jars. Then, we carefully glued tissue paper to the jar, and decorated it with glitter. Finally, we put an LED light inside. We are very happy with our jars!


Magic camp day 1: Harry Potter wands!

Report: Shin Hyung Ok

We learned some sentences’ meaning and a Harry Potter magic spell. We did a banana magic trick and then we ate the bananas with ice-cream. Last, we made a magic wand like the magic wand in the movie Harry Potter. We used chopstick! Anyway, we had fun on the first day of the English magic summer camp. I loved the part where we made magic wands. It was fun and great.

Learning how to slice a banana without cutting it!
Practicing the banana magic trick
Using a hot glue gun to decorate the Harry Potter wands


Magic wand painting
Painting our magic wands